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                  ѺѤèҡ稡֡زԻԭҵ ҢԪҹԵʵ ҢԪҡúѭ ҢԪҺøáԨ ҢԪɰʵ ҢԪҺѰԨ/Ѱʹʵ ҢԪѰʵ ҢԪԪ˹ ҧèѴ÷Ѿҡ ҧúçҹؤ ҧþѲҷѾҡ ҧþѲҷѾҡͧ ҧú÷Ѿҡͧ 繼鹷¹ͺҹҤ ö ( Ҥ .) дѺԭҵ .. ҧҧѹ 4 24 չҤ 2554 䫵
               ʹ´㹻СѺѤ÷ ٹӹѡҹ .. ٹӹѡҹ .. ҹ 4 . ͧ . зҧԹ絷䫵ͧӹѡҹ ..,,
ѹҶ ͭط ѡ֡ҽ֡ҹ............
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Ҫѯ ѺѤҨ 10 ѵ
ӹѡҹ ..ԴѺؤͺ觢ѹèѺҪûШӻ 2554
ԭ觼ŧҹûСǴ Իմͤʹ·ҧ ( TMEA Road Safty Vidio Contest 2013 ) ԧԹҧ , ҷ ҧõ
Ҹóآ ѺѤçҹ˹ ѡѴçҹ
çҺ˹ͧᴧ ѺѤ١ҧǤԹا (͹) ˹ ҺԪҪվ ӹǹ 3 ѵ, ѡ෤Ԥᾷ ӹǹ 2 ѵйѡԪҡҸóآӹǹ 1 ѵ
ٹ͹ ѺѤþѡҹҪõ˹觹ѡԪҡɵ
ˡóѧѴ ͹ѺѤþѡҹҪ÷ ˹ ѡԪҡˡó
͹ӨѧѴ ѺѤúؤѺͺѴ͡١ҧẺҧҺԡºؤ
Ҹóآ ѺѤþѡҹҪ÷ 7 ѵ
ҧҿҨѡ Դçͧ㨨ҡ֧ ǹ١ǻȺͧ͡ǼҹԻԧҧšʹҷ
Żзҹ ѺѤþѡҹҪ÷ ӹǹ 898 ѵ
ԭçûСǴʹ (Zero Waste) çûСǴç¹ʹ (Zero Waste School)
ͧúǹѧѴԹ ˹Ѵҹ ¹ʺѧҧ Шӻ 2558 (駷 9)
ӹѡҹʶԵԨѧѴԻСѺѤ١ҧǤ ˹˹ҷçҹ ӹǹ 1 ѵ
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