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                 ʹǧ ¡յӺŷ觷ͧ 駡ѺЪѹѧѴ ȺŵӺŷ觷ͧ ͺҹ ѧѴ դʧͺҤҫö¡͹ʧ (ö) Ẻöɵ ӹǹ 1 ѹ ҳ 400,000 ҷ ѧ
1. ÷ء˹ѡ¡
2 ѹ 2. Ш˹駹 ö¹Ѻ͹ Ѵ
3. кк÷ء硡ҧ 1.65 2.55 ٧ 1.20 ˹ 2.3
4. ͧ¹ 1 ٺ 4 ѧ 16 ç к¤͹¹Ẻѧ͹
5. кԹ˹ 5 ѧ 1 ҡ
6. ѷẺ áѹ 4 á
7. ǧö¹ кͧ˹͹ Ѻ͹ѧҷ ҹ˹ö¹ 4 ͡ҧ
8. ҧͧ Ҵ 700 15 ӹǹ 4 ش ҧ 1 ش
9. кԤԴùԧ Ҵ 2 ѹ ٧ 8 10 عͺ ¡¢ ҶѧТҤѹ
10. յͧȺŵӺŷ觷ͧ Ҵҧ¡ 18 ૹ ѡêͧȺŵӺŷ觷ͧ Ҵ٧¡ 5 ૹ ͪ͢Ҵ٧¡ 7.5 ૹ ҧ͡ö¹ǹҧͧҧ ¾բ բͧѴਹ᷹
                ˹蹫ͧͺҤ ѹ 15 25 Ҿѹ 2554 09.00 . 16.00 . ͧѧ ӹѡҹȺŵӺŷ觷ͧ ˹ԴͧʹҤ ѹ 28 Ҿѹ 2554 10.00 . 繵 ٹŢáë͡èҧͧͧûͧǹͧдѺ ҡͺҹ
                ʹ㨵Դͫ͢͡ͺҤҤҪش 300 ҷ ͧѧ ӹѡҹȺŵӺŷ觷ͧ ҧѹ 15 25 Ҿѹ 2554 09.00 . 16.00 .
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17 .. 54
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ͺҤҨѴö¡͹ʧ (ö) Ẻöɵ
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ͺ.ᴧ СȻšèҧҧ͹յ硴к硷͹ԡ
ٹԨоѲһӨ״ СͺҤҫͤѳɵ Фѳӹѡҹ ӹǹ 2 ¡
ѧѴ ˹ѴҹŢ¹ö 駷 Ǵѡ ӹǹ Ţ
ͧúǹӺźҹ СȻūö¹÷ءẺԴҧ෷ Դù俿 к硷͹ԡ
çҺ ͺҤҫö繹ö¡ԡ
ͺ.ᴧ СȻšèҧҧ͹յ硴к硷͹ԡ
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"ЪѹСǴҤҨҧҧԸջСǴҤ硷͹ԡ (e-bidding)"
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